For most people, the pellet made from corn is a kind of commendable feed for various animals. However, corn cob pellet is also an alternative biomass fuel with an increased availability of fuel resources, generally used to create a source of heat for residential and sometimes industrial premiss. They can offer the same cost-effective heating as wood pellets.

Corn Pellet Fuel Application:

  1. For home heating: corn pellet fuel is commonly used for domestic heating for its high burning rate.
  2. For biomass industry boiler: as a kind of main fuel for industry boiler, corn pellet fuel can replace coal, gas, oil, etc. with less environment polluting.
  3. Corn cob pellets can be used for the generation of electricity in power-plants

Why Take Corn as the Raw Materials for Making Bio-fuel:

  1. As an ideal natural pellet fuel, corn can grow fast in wide regions that suits its plantation, which means a consistent availability of fuel resources.
  2. Maize has a high calorific value of 16.3 MJ/KG.
  3. There is no smell and irritation fume, low pollutants and emissions when maize burns, so it has negligible negative effects on the environment.
  4. The ash produced after burning can be used as an additive for the gardens to improve the soil quality.

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