Indonesia is the highest biomass potential in ASEAN countries so that the chances of developing wood pellet industry is huge.

Indonesia have many various types of pellets (wood pellet, torrefied wood pellet & charcoal pellet) Biomass decomposition regimes

  • White pellet = wood pellet are made of sawdust or planer shavings without bark
  • Brown pellet = wood pellet are made of bark containing raw materials
  • Black pellet = torrefied wood pellet
  • Wood pellet : Property class A1 represents the highest quality level that is particularly relevant for private end users.

In property class A2, the limiting values for the ash content, the NCV, the nitrogen and chlorine content and the ash melting behaviour are less strict. This property class is mainly relevant for commercial users operating pellet boilers with higher nominal capacity. Pellets according to property class B are relevant as industrial Pellets. The main factors distinguishing : calorific value, ash content and ash chemistry Pellets made from bark containing wood fractions such as forest wood chips, industrial wood chips with bark and short rotation coppice (SRC) would comply with A2 pellet class. That’s mean Calliandra Pellet is A2 Pellet.

Indonesia Woodpellets Usually brightly colored pellets from softwood and the dark one from hardwood. But pellets are made of soft wood from all parts of the tree (“whole tree”) including bark will make darker pellets. So it is difficult to determine the quality of wood pellets of color alone. The length of pellets on the market varies from different manufacturers. Production of wood pellets requires consistent length and minimize the variation. Wood pellet diameter varies from 6 mm to 20 mm. Diameter of 6 mm is commonly used for home heating, whereas the 8 mm diameter upwards commonly used by industry and power plants. Generally hardwood pellets are preferred, especially for the stove and fireplace because it naturally has a lower water content, denser, longer burning and heat such as coal. Standard grade fuel is usually up to 3% ash content, while premium grade is less than 1 percent.

Premium pellets are usually produced from hardwood or softwood sawdust containing no tree bark. We are a premium wood pellet producer in Indonesia with potential production capacity of more than 40 tons/day. We manufacture the highest quality wood pellets using 100% wood fiber. Our team consists of some of the brightest engineers in Indonesia, and we pride ourselves in bringing you a first class product.